A Celebration of Service

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The Impossible Roads Foundation is a 501(c)3 emergency relief charity that is the creative and sustainable response for those in the most impossible situations. We share, connect, and uplift the “impossible” roads, tools, vehicles, journeys, actions and lives that bring light and Hope to those in need. The “Impossible” in our name has a dual meaning; it references both the impossible situations that individuals face when they encounter hardship, as well as the statistically impossible wonderful people, donations, care, items, and stories that come together to uplift people in need.

In late October 2018 we, alongside Home Depot, will begin building a home for an U.S. Army Sergeant that is in great need of a space where he can be safe and cared for by family and medical professionals. It has been a long road that has led us to where we are today. A wonderful road that has allowed the Home Depot and the Impossible Roads Foundation to facilitate, host and build its first ever tiny home, built on Home Depot Property, to be delivered, after completion, to the deserving U.S. Veteran. Many large companies have invested their insight, products and resources for this cause. This high-cube container home is the first among many that will provide environmentally sustainable, LEED certified, ADA compatible, and hurricane-resistant housing options for disabled veterans and displaced individuals in need of support and security.

We are proud to be the first to do this and want to commemorate every detail of this event with photos, interviews and video. We are even more proud that this tiny home build has begun an amazing conversation and template whereby we re-imagine the best of outcomes for those that have struggled with disaster or displacement.

The design of this home and the many homes that are forthcoming, beyond casual remembrances of long past hurricanes and extreme weather events, is an ethical concept of a humanitarian response for those who survive the worst of times. We look forward to exploring the many ways we can serve and create for those that have sacrificed so much.  Stay tuned and follow us as we continue to build more homes and provide more care for those in need.

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