A Moveable Feast

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As the impossible Roads Foundation continues to refurbish and refinish its Savory and Relief Room, we rely on the culinary, restaurant and food service community to fill in the gaps and provide tasty meals while we continue to service and uplift those who are displaced and struggling As we cook and serve on the go, we have to make due with what we have and do our best to make the most delicious meal out of the some interesting pairings… starburst and string beans…no problem…we will make it work!!! A big thank-you to all the restaurants and supermarkets that provide food for our outreach, and a special big thanks to Costco and Haggen’s.

— The High Hopes Savory and Relief Room is both a kitchen and a healing place that provides the Impossible Road’s staff and volunteers a way to serve the Whatcom County community by feeding the homeless every Thursday and Saturday. In exchange for a gourmet meal, we start a dialogue with those displaced about how to best serve them and they things they need to move forward and live healthy and productive lives. The dialogue that we begin with those that are in need then gets put into our dynamic NASA database so that we may be ready to serve and apply our resources and insights in the event of any disaster worldwide.

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