Amazing and Impossible Solutions Require Unlikely Tools

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Unlikely and impossible adventures require unlikely and amazing tools. 2020 has been quite the adventurous year: Presidential elections, economic downturn, food insecurity, stock market volatility, and how could we forget about COVID-19, the largest global pandemic in a hundred years. All of these challenges require the Impossible Roads Foundation to get creative with its solutions that not only engage the direst needs of the American public, but also sustainably uplift them as well. Enter the amazing tool of the 40ft high-cube shipping container from our wonderful partner Matson Navigation.  Though this tool, at first glance, presents as recycled or up-cycled steel with glorious patina, and the traditional understandings of shipping containers bring to mind ubiquitous storage bins on seaside docks alongside skyscraper tall ocean liner configurations…it is so much more than that! Through the direction and imagination of John Hope, the Impossible Roads Foundation, has designed and made this simple, yet amazing, tool into state-of-the-art greenhouses, ADA certified green tiny homes for disabled United States Veterans, wood shops, workshops, 44-unit hospital emergency relief ships, float homes, and so much more.  There is so much more this box can do, and so many places it can go to serve those in need.  To date we have provided solutions and uplifted individuals in Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Paradise Creek, Europe, Asia and beyond.  Stay tuned as we continue our good work on Hope Farm and elevate our craft, share our magic, and show the world how to make the best out of something so unexpected.

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