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Now that Hurricane Florence has passed and the fever pitch at which we largely prepared for and recovered from the storm has subsided, it is important to think about the little ones in our families that also suffer from natural disasters …that is right… our loving and loyal pets and companion animals.

So, we at the Impossible Roads Foundation, felt that is was the  perfect time for pet owners to take the American Red Cross Cat and Dog First Aid online course and download the Pet First Aid App so that they will know what to do in an emergency until veterinary care is available.

Below are the steps on how to both take the course and download the app:

Take the course.

People can access the course on their desktop or tablet at and go through the content at their own pace. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the course (It took us about 40 minutes). Participants can stop and pick up where they left off if Fluffy needs a treat or nap or it’s time to take Fido out to the dog park.

The interactive course includes:

  • How to determine a pet’s normal vital signs so owners can notice if there are any irregularities;
  • Step-by-step instructions and visual aids for what to do if a pet is choking, needs CPR, has a wound, or is having a seizure; and
  • Information on preventative care, health and tips for a pet’s well-being.

Download the app.

Now The Red Cross has released an app that will make other new pet parent’s lives a tiny bit easier. Called “Pet First Aid” the app offers advice on what’s normal behavior for your pet, and what to do in situations where your pet is having trouble. For instance, if they appear to be having an allergic reaction to something, and involved in a car accident, or need CPR. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

And for issues the app can’t help you with, it can help you find the nearest vet hospital. You can also use the app to find a pet-friendly hotel.

Having an app on your phone isn’t a replacement for a real vet, just like WebMD isn’t a replacement for a doctor, but reading through some of the info can give you a decent understanding of how to care for your pet, something that could be invaluable when that emergency actually does come along.

Do yourself and your furry, 4-legged, 2-legged, and winged friends a favor and check out the app.  After you are done, let us know what improvements you think can be made to aid in making the lives of our companions a little better, safer and healthier.




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