Driven for Good: LMC Truck

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We received an email this past month from LMC Truck inviting us to share the story of our one-of-a-kind relief truck, IRonside, which LMC has sponsored, so that we may continue to do our good work, both on and off the road.

For most of us who are hot-rodders, grease monkeys and lovers of all things classic and true; it is a tall order to begin to describe our vintage car or truck and all its storied dents and love-bumps in less than 10,000 words.

In trying to describe and differentiate our NASA-equipped relief truck from the myriad other classic trucks that undergo restoration, we found ourselves, instead, clinging to the stories and ideals that animate all of us who undergo monumental projects and meticulous restorations…the love for craft and dedication to excellence.

In pursuit of keeping our glorious vehicles on the road, we all begin from the same wide-eyed optimistic place.  Whether hot rod, street rod, rat rod…or some vision that defies any label before it, we cast off the doubters and naysayers, forge ahead, and deep-dive into the greasy underbelly of sleepless nights and long summer days, where most creative pursuits begin to take form.

We work with what we have and with what we were given… whether it be numbers-matching masterpiece, or a hand me down hodgepodge of other triumphs and tragedies made perfect by ones recommitted attention to detail and unwavering sense of pride and aesthetic excellence. Using the weekend work party, car show deadline, or carefully curated decade long build marathon as our fuel and launchpad, we then venture down the winding road of recalibrations, mistakes and discoveries to finally arrive at the coveted moment where we hear the roar of the engine, accompanied by a friendly fist bump and a job well done.

Whether it be for heritage, accolades, a journey in learning, the development of new tech and ideas, a dream deferred, necessity, just because, or all of the above…we start the journey all the same; in honor of those that came before us, with gratitude for those that provided the tools we need, and with glorious sleepless nights. This is our shared story. Whether our ultimate vision is a perfectly restored concours masterpiece or an old jalopy handed down by a late relative, we yield to the renderings on paper and in our mind that ultimately fuel/inform the resolve that no cost is too much, nothing is too pedestrian or simple, and everything matters.

All throughout the disputed domains of madness and passion, this is our story and journey…and these tools and parts are our treasure chest.

This is our beginning…and LMC is our guide. Lets get go’in.

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