For Those Hopeful, There Is A Way.

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Nam Spes Est Via. The Impossible Roads Foundation Motto is: “There is a way.”  This motto has a few meanings. Obviously, the literal understanding of “a way” as it pertains to direction or course comes to mind; however, when you look beyond the literal meaning you see a larger connection to the broader interpretation of the phrase, chiefly, that there is a logistical and operational way for anything good to happen. Fore example, there is a way for us to provide drinking water to 800 displaced Puerto Ricans on a budget of $19.25, there is a way you can get up every morning and fight for life when your body is riddled with tumors and breaking bones, there is a way that we can map the world of need using never before applied NASA Technology. This phrase speaks to an ethic that we champion which can be found in our motto. In Latin, the Impossible Roads Foundation motto reads “Nam Spes Est Via,” which translates to: For those that are Hopeful…there is a way. We believe that with hope, hard work and tenacity, there is always a good and ethical way to do impossible things for those in great need.

The word impossible is in our name.  And quite literally the things we have undertaken this past year seem quite challenging.  Whether we are mapping the world of need using NASA technology, rebuilding homes in Puerto Rico, giving houses to the homeless and disabled veterans, or just providing a simple meal, we are always hopeful that all we do, everyday, makes a significant difference. Beyond making a difference, we are also hopeful that our work is sustainable, scalable and is multiplied beyond our wildest dreams.

We believe all these things are worth hoping for…we also know…that there is a way for it to happen. Stay tuned, and find out all the ways that you can multiply our outreach. And please reach out to us in social media, especially if you have suggestions on how we could do our job better and if you know someone in your area walking alone on an impossible journey.

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