Foundation Trust

by admin

In October 2012, our trustees created a two-entity structure. One entity, the Impossible Roads Foundation, distributes funds, insight, and provisions to grantees, foundations and those in need. The other, the Impossible Roads Foundation Trust, manages the endowment assets. This structure enables us to separate our program work from the investment of our assets.

How the Foundation Trust works

The Foundation Trust holds the endowment, including the annual installments of larger gifts in kind and strategic long term gifts, and funds the foundation. JP Hope is the trustee for the Foundation Trust, and the endowment continues to be managed, as it has been for more than 7 years, by a team of outside investment managers.

The role of the foundation

The foundation conducts all operations and grantmaking work and is the entity from which all grants are made. JP Hope is the trustee for the foundation.

Because JP believes the right approach is to focus the foundation’s work in the 21st century, we will spend all of our resources within 20 years after JP Hope’s passing.

The decision to use all of the foundation’s resources in this century underscores our optimism for progress and determination to do as much as possible, as soon as possible, to address the comparatively narrow set of issues we’ve chosen to focus on.