Handmade by Hope and Designed by RMC Architects

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The Impossible Roads Foundation is an emergency relief organization. We find creative and sustainable ways to provide food, water, medical care, and shelter to those in great need and to those that have been displaced.

In an effort to address the many situations of great need in our community, specifically displacement, we have been exploring the idea of creating actual homes from the ground up.  These homes that we imagined would be built  according to the local and municipal codes, hurricane-proof, robust, ADA compliant, and if necessary, transportable.

We presented this concept to RMC Architects, and they designed a functional concept for us that is currently in production for a deserving disabled U.S. Veteran during our upcoming  Home Depot volunteer event.

RMC Architects was established in 1986. Three decades in, what makes them most proud is not any one address, or building, or relationship, but the sum total of what they represent: community. RMC Architects believe that building by building, place by place, the built environment forms the backdrop of our lives. The better it is — that is, the more architecture serves to lift, bind and sustain us — the stronger our communities.

The belief that our built environment forms the backdrop of our lives complements our beliefs that having accesses to said personal built environments, fosters opportunity, healthy living, and productivity.  And in this, our shared understanding of the importance of home, and structures for he purposes of safety and security is made manifest by our commitment to create beautiful structures for those in great need. So we are eternally grateful and thankful for RMC Architects for allowing us to move forward in serving he populations that so desperately need lifting up.


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