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The Impossible Roads Foundation serves and reaches those on their “impossible road” through our fleet of donated vehicles. The vehicle fleet is one of the ways we action-out relief. We have a donated emergency relief vintage Airstream trailer, a vintage relief truck, relief bikes, a café racer, and a relief boat under development. This fleet allows us to reach just about anybody… anywhere. All vehicles in our fleet are equipped with a NASA spinoff technology module https://software.nasa.gov/software/ARC-17472-1  that John P. Hope adapted and added in order to scale, chronicle, and make available community response to the needs around the world. Over the course of the next 5 years, we will be mapping and tracking the world’s needs and impossible people/situations while meeting with community foundations and stakeholders to best determine how to best deliver service and coordinated responses to those that are hurting.

All of our custom outreach vehicles are outfitted with the capacity to deliver or prepare food for this displaced or in great need. Tucked inside our vintage trailer and our state of the art relief boat is the renown High Hopes Savory and Relief Room.  The Savory and Relief Room is both a kitchen and a healing place that provides the Impossible Road’s staff and volunteers a way to serve the Whatcom County community by feeding the homeless every Thursday and Saturday. In exchange for a gourmet meal, we start a dialogue with those displaced about how to best serve them and they things they need to move forward and live healthy and productive lives. The dialogue that we begin with those that are in need then gets put into our dynamic NASA database so that we may be ready to serve and apply our resources and insights in the event of any disaster worldwide.

We, at the Impossible Roads Foundation love using food as a mechanism to share insights and engage community. Beyond recipes and ingredients, beyond taste and presentation, the act of sharing a meal in a specific environment with welcomed company all play a delicate role in the sacred exchange of service and healing.   The gift of food means so much to those we serve because those of us that have known true hunger and want…love food differently. We take in its colors and aromas and experience its intricacies far beyond the common measure of taste and texture—and we find value and remedy in the polite dance of space where feasting tangles with conversation.

Do you know know of anyone in need that would enjoy a complementary meal? If so, contact us on social media with using #HighHopeSavory and we will make sure to walk alongside those on their challenging road.

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