How to Vote Everyday

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The big day is here!  And people are flocking to their local poll stations to cast their ballot for their candidates and their causes during one of the most important election cycles of a generation. However, when tomorrow arrives, and then the next day, it is important to recognize that your power to affect change still remains in you. The Impossible Roads Foundation is here to remind the public that you have power and a voice beyond the ballot box. That your daily choices are an opportunity to make your voices heard. And that by engaging your beliefs with action and good works — whether in what you buy, where you work, who you do business with, who you support or uplift, or where you invest their money — is a clear way to vote your values every single day.

So Vote Everyday! Help your neighbor clean up after a storm, give provision and food to those who may be hungry and food insecure, and be kind to those who are in your path.  It all goes a long way on this impossible road we all walk!

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