Impossible Tiny Home Part Deux

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On this Veterans Day 2019 we take a time today and everyday to celebrate the contributions that U.S. Veterans have made to this country by striving to contribute in our small way.  It is custom to pay lip service to the sacrifice that Veterans make every year or when we hear the national anthem at a ballgame or see a serviceman or woman in their military uniform out in public…but it is another to action out the gratitude we feel for those that have sacrificed so much. We, at the Impossible Roads Foundation, alongside our many partners, have dedicated to build a series of custom tiny homes, both single and double unit, for disabled veterans, made from 40′ high-cube shipping containers.  These containers are sustainably sourced and crafted into LEED Certified and ADA accessible homes that are custom built for the veterans needs.

We have affectionately dubbed every tiny home we create “The Impossible Tiny Home.” We named it this because it is a small miracle that all of the materials, insight, design, labor, and personnel came together to build these homes and serve those who have been walking an impossible and treacherous road for a long time. You may follow every development of every single Impossible Tiny Home that we build on social media as we use the hasthtag #ImpossibleTinyHome throughout all of our platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Impossible Tiny Home is just the start of many initiatives that the Impossible Roads Foundation has to serve those, both veterans and civilians alike, who experience hardships on the road of life. If you know of anyone that needs encouragement, food, shelter, or general care…please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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