Investment Approach

by admin

The Impossible Roads Foundation was founded on the fundamental belief that every person has the power to make a difference. We create opportunity for people to realize that power and improve the quality of their lives. When people take the initiative to make life better for themselves, they can share the benefits with their families, become more active in their communities, and be a more positive force in society.

As a philanthropic investment firm, we support market-based approaches with the potential for large-scale, catalytic impact. Toward that end, our investing style transcends typical boundaries that separate for-profit investing and traditional philanthropy. Because we believe that each sector has a role, we make investments in for-profit companies as well as grants to nonprofit organizations. Regardless of the sector, we invest in organizations that have the potential to embody innovation, scale, and sustainability or help bring them about within their industry.

We focus our investments where we have direct experience and can have the greatest impact. In emerging markets, we create economic opportunity for the base of the pyramid through access to capital. In the developed world, we encourage individual participation in media, markets, and government. In either case, we focus on what we believe are the most significant drivers of overall well-being and quality of life.

Each of our initiatives is united by the principles of individual access, connection, and ownership. Across everything we do, we look for solutions that enable people to access credible information and resources, connect with others over shared interests, and take constructive action on the issues that matter to them. The ultimate outcome we strive for is individual participation that can catalyze economic and social advancement on a global scale.