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The Impossible Roads Foundation serves and reaches those on their “impossible road” through our fleet of donated vehicles. The vehicle fleet is one of the ways we action-out relief. We have a donated emergency relief vintage Airstream trailer, a vintage relief truck, relief bikes, a café racer, and a relief boat under development. This fleet allows us to reach just about anybody… anywhere. All vehicles in our fleet are equipped with a NASA spinoff technology module  that John P. Hope adapted and added in order to scale, chronicle, and make available community response to the needs around the world. Over the course of the next 5 years, we will be mapping and tracking the world’s needs and impossible people/situations while meeting with community foundations and stakeholders to best determine how to best deliver service and coordinated responses to those that are hurting.

Last week we were gifted two uber uber rare 1956 Dodge C4 job-rated work truck from a very generous businessman in Puyallup, WA. The truck, affectionately named Ironbound, is the second in a new class of vehicle we call Relief Utility Vehicle (RUV), that are hand-built to serve and withstand any number of emergencies and disasters while also mapping and tracking urgent need and outreach opportunities around the world. IRonbound is the 2nd multipurpose relief truck that we will use to deliver beds, remove debris from homes, perform search and rescue operations, and provide provisions to those in need. All our vehicles have the IR (Impossible Roads) in their name. Ironbound was given its name because it the toughest and most robust working truck you could get during its era.

The Impossible Roads Foundation takes pride in obtaining vintage vehicles that are a blank canvas, and refining them to fit the needs of the very demanding relief work that we do. We take pride in our custom handmade add-ons and modifications; and we make sure that every vehicle in our fleet is optimized to serve the most amount of people with unmatched efficacy.

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