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The Impossible Roads Foundation is so excited about all of the Impossible Tiny Homes that are being completed because of the generosity of Louis Auto Glass. Louis Auto glass installed custom Low-E Argon Ply-Gem windows on our Impossible Tiny Homes that we are building for disabled and displaced veterans. We are so grateful to Louis Auto Glass because of their gift of service. Louis Auto Glass provided much more than funds, insight, and encouragement to help build homes for deserving U.S. Veterans; they helped complete a template by which we can re-imagine the best of outcomes for those that have struggled with personal disaster or displacement.
This design and these homes, beyond casual remembrances of long past hurricanes and extreme weather events, is an ethical concept of a humanitarian response for those who survive the worst of times and need the most assistance.
It is the intention of the Impossible Roads Foundation to scale and apply versions of this container design so the Veterans and civilians alike, who are walking their “Impossible Road,” never have to settle for the common charitable afterthought of inadequate 2005 FEMA trailers, but rather this fantastic representation of wonderful ideals and ethics made manifest by great design and attention to detail.

This Impossible Tiny Home project ultimately starts a new conversation…a conversation about what we as a society are willing to do and what lengths we are willing to go to serve those in great need.  

Again, what measures will we take, and to what lengths are will willing to engage in service for the benefit of those who will sustainably receive our care?  We are willing to go to impossible lengths…its in our name.

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