Maters Road of Hope

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Last week we were gifted two uber uber rare 1954 Chevy 6500 farm trucks from a very generous farmer in Montesano, Wa. The first truck, affectionately named Ironside, which should not be confused by the famed transformers superhero Ironhide, will be the multipurpose relief truck that we will use to deliver beds, haul larger items, perform search and rescue operations, and provide provisions to those in need. All our vehicles have the IR (Impossible Roads)  in their name. Ironside was named because it the biggest baddest working truck you could get during its era.  The second truck that was donated was originally purposed to be a parts vehicle, but because of its unique aesthetic properties we decided to name it IR Mater…after the beloved Pixar cartoon character.

Because IR Mater is so unique and fun, we initially thought that he could best be put to use if auctioned off “as is” to the highest bidder so we could fund our growing outreach and services around the world. Instead, the Impossible Roads Foundation set up a fund that will benefit the Ronald McDonald house of Children’s Hospital in Seattle.  For every picture taken with Mater at 64 Geissler Rd. Montesano, WA., and posted to social media (twitter) using the tag #MatersRoad, the Impossible Roads Foundation and its partners will donated $20 to the Ronald McDonald House and Seattle Children’s Hospital in honor of all the difficult roads that our precious ones still must walk and ride through.  You may also contribute directly by going to our donate page at:!/donation/checkout and put #MatersRoad in the comment box. 100% of all donations designated to  #MatersRoad will go directly to the Hospital Fund.

It is our hope that this is an ongoing fun fundraiser for Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. We have an overall goal of raising $400,000.

Stay tuned for more updates on #MatersRoad and all his wonderful adventures!

Impossible Roads Foundation and its fundraising mascot “IR Mater”


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