Our Work with Press Outlets and Social Media

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Guided by our mission to map and track the worlds needs and opportunities to serve, the Impossible Roads Foundation is dedicated to discovering and disseminating innovative approaches to addressing extreme poverty, food insecurity, and displacement in ways that multiply our collective ability to rapidly and strategically respond to hurt in never before seen ways.

Our communication with media allows us to multiply the impact and awareness of the stories we share. And our social networks have become a vital way we gather data critical terrestrial data concerning the need and emergency conditions in the countries and communities we serve. Our social networks have become as much a part of how we communicate as in-person conversation.  It is the currency by which we exchange our most profound insights and opportunities concerning the wondrous ways your simple treasures, observations and insights rapidly change the world around you.

To join us in our service and our joy…keep up with us and our great work by subscribing and following are various social networks and press releases:

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