Redefining Charity and Charitable Delivery Systems

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After talking with some of our friends and stakeholders it came it our understanding that our very specific mission can get lost in all that we do (building homes, feeding homeless, providing clean water, etc.) So allow us to provide some clarification as to what we do and how…

The impossible Roads Foundation is an emergency relief organization and the premiere global idea house for the creative methods to sustainably serve those in need. Our focus is the delivery and optimization of services…chiefly humanitarian services that provide for the basic needs of food, water, and shelter while simultaneously mapping need and providing opportunities for others to see actions they can take to heal and help their community.

We deliver services though a fleet of vehicles that can reach any community in any terrain around the world. Our relief-class vehicles range from boats, vintage campers, 2-ton trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. Every vehicle in the fleet is used to dynamically map, track and curate emergencies around the world which we, in turn, negotiate into opportunities for individuals to engage and give…thereby making future relief a collaborate sustainable endeavor where the discovery of roads and connections of actions yields an understanding and a true picture of how a single act of kindness can change the world.

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