The impossible Roads Foundation welcomes the E-WhIR or Electronic WhIR, our first electric pedal assist relief bike in our fleet. The E-WhIR is a rugged electric releif bike built exclusively for the men and women dedicated to community outreach. The E-WhIR is the Foundation’s compliment to the fully mechanical road bike IR WhIR. The new electric relief bike is built and manufactured by Trek. It is equipped with a powerful Bosch motor for sustained speeds of up to 28 mph, a light and tough alloy frame, a high-quality suspension fork, and patrol-ready features like an included rack and kickstand.

It’s comfortable, versatile, and ready to roll, with 29″ wheels for go-anywhere agility and speed.

Our fleet is the way by which we interface with community and curate and discover the world of need and opportunity all around. The IR WhIR, is the Impossible Roads Foundation favorite relief-classed bicycle. Affectionately named “WhIR”because of the sound the wheels makes when we are hauling our butts off during a rescue or urgent call. This off-road capable bike is for those who travel the roads less traveled and prefer fire roads to freeways. It is our homage to an outlaw era when motorcycles evolved from the pavement to the dirt. It is a nod to the ingenuity and creativity that prompted off-road motorcycle racing and adventuring, as well as a glimpse into the future of what a robust relief-class commuter bike can do.  The WhIR is equipped with all of our modern sensors and maps, and it is Handmade by Hope…a distinction that is defined by diligent artisan details that add to both the beauty and functionality of this one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art bicycle.

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