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The famous American diplomat and journalist John W. Foster had an interesting quote about genius and the subsequent inspiration that arises from it.  He said:

One of the strongest characteristics of genius is the power of lighting its own fire.

John W. Foster

Although I do not fancy myself a genius, I revel in the overflowing well of inspiration that comes from others following their dreams, and it propels, or further ignites my already surging fire to continue on the road and journey that I have started.

Yesterday, while traveling on I-5, after a fun day preparing meals and listening to stories in the High Hopes Savory & Relief Room, we saw a vintage airstream making its way up the road.  This Airstream, affectionately named Metalodon, is the fun creation and vision of the Elish family— A husband and wife duo renovating and traveling full-time in a vintage Airstream trailer.

Their rig reminds me a lot of our own IR AstIR and the High Hopes Savory kitchen inside that we use to feed the community that is facing poverty and displacement. Beyond that, Metalodon is a testament to what can happen when individuals commit to a dream and forfeit conventional understandings in pursuit of what makes their heart soar.

Good on ya Team Elish…may your road and journey be bright and filled with mountains and mountains of adventures and countless days of uncontrollable laughter.  Thank you for making me smile even more that bright sunny Sunday. You are an inspiration.

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